A Look into Janice Mather’s Artistic Influences

Unveiling the Inspirations

As an artist, Janice Mather draws inspiration from the vibrant city of Calgary, her beloved hometown. With its rich history, iconic locations, and diverse culture, Calgary serves as a constant source of creative inspiration for her artwork. Janice’s deep connection to this city is evident in her paintings, which beautifully capture the essence of Calgary’s historic and iconic locations.

One of Janice’s notable influences is the renowned King Eddy hotel, an emblematic landmark in Calgary. Its fascinating history and unique ambiance have left an indelible mark on Janice’s artistic vision. Through her art, she pays homage to this iconic establishment, portraying its character and allure with vivid strokes of color.

Another inspiration for Janice is the bustling 8th Avenue Mall, a vibrant hub of activity in downtown Calgary. The energy and dynamism of this lively street come alive in her paintings, as she masterfully uses bright and vivid colors to excite the sense and evoke a feeling of urban vibrancy.

But it’s not just the physical locations that influence Janice’s art; it’s also the people of Calgary. Being born and raised in this vibrant city, Janice has a deep appreciation for the diverse and colorful community that calls Calgary home. The spirit and warmth of its people shine through in her artwork, reflecting the true essence of Calgary’s cultural tapestry.

In Janice Mather’s artwork, you’ll find a captivating blend of historic landmarks, iconic locations, and the dynamic human spirit that defines Calgary. Through her use of bright and vivid colors, she brings to life the sights and emotions that make this city so special. Join us on a visual journey as we explore the inspirations that fuel Janice’s artistic creativity and celebrate the beauty of Calgary through her unique perspective.